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Use these practice activities to help you master some Grade 2 skills.

Grade 2 English/Language Arts Activities

Improve reading fluency with scaffolded selections.


Improve comprehension with scaffolded selections.

"a" or "an"

Correct usage of "a" or "an".

ABC Order
Alphabetizing words by the first & second letter of a word.

Recognize relationships between words.

Find words that have similar meanings.

Find words that have opposite meanings.

Identify correct use of capital letters.

Grade 2 Math Activities
Place Value 2
Numbers under 100.

Standard & Expanded Form 2 Numbers under 1,000.

Standard & Expanded Form 3 Numbers under 10,000.

Greater, Less Than 4
Grades 1-2
Numbers under 80

2 Math A-D
A variety of 2nd Grade Math questions.

Counting Dimes 1
Determine money amounts with dimes, nickels and pennies.

Counting Dimes 2
Determine money amounts with dimes, nickels and pennies.

ClockWork 2
Tell time to the half hour.

Input-Output 2
Add & subtract whole numbers.

Measurement 2
Measure to the nearest inch,
half inch, and quarter inch.

Add sums up to 10, and in other sets, higher numbers.

Subtract from numbers less than 10, and in other sets, higher numbers.

Grade 2 Reading Suggestions
These books should be available in your school or local public library.
(These are not links, but for display purposes only.)

Mr. Popper's Penguins
The Giving Tree
The Whingdingdilly
Junie B. Jones

Amber Brown

The Hundred Dresses

Life Doesn't
Frighten Me
Captain Underpants

Danny & the Dinosaur

Love You Forever

Anansi the Spider

The Rainbow Fish

Great Web Sites for Grade 2 Students
(These are actual links. Students will navigate to these sites with a click.)


Read Theory

StoryLine Online

Between the Lions

Between the Lions

Highlights Kids

PBS Kids

Nat Geo Kids

Dance Mat Typing

Wild Kratts

Fact Monster

Hour of Code

Other Great Sites