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Many young people, because of digital technology, haven't learned to tell time using an analog clock.
Use these practice activities to help you tell time on any analog clock, anywhere you might see one,
like a school, hospital, bank, mall, amusement park, or on your wrist.

a street clock at Disneyland

classroom clock

a clock on a building

a wristwatch

ClockWork 5
Tell time in increments of 5 minutes.

ClockWork 6
Tell time to the minute, in multiple choice format.

ClockWork 7
Tell time to the minute, by typing in the digital time, including the colon(:).

ClockWork 8
Convert hours and minutes.

ClockWork 9
What time will it be?

ClockWork 10
Convert hours and minutes.

ClockWork 11
Round time to the nearest hour.

ClockWork 12
Round time to the nearest half hour.

ClockWork 13
Rounding time to the nearest quarter hour.

ClockWork 14
Tell digital time to the minute.

ClockWork 15
Elapsed time, Part A

ClockWork 16
Elapsed time, Part B

ClockWork 17
Time Terms

ClockWork 18
Time Terms

ClockWork 19
Tell how much time elapses between two given times.

ClockWork 20
Tell which is a greater amount of time.

ClockWork 21
Time Terms

Recording Sheet