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Some Photos that include Mr. Anker
Beautiful Canada
School Photo 2015
At Home, Age 8
Golfing w/ son

Mr. Anker, Age 1
At Alexandria Elem
Kinder at U.E.S.
Ventura, Pier w/ Sis

Battleship w/ son
Catch in Culver City
Mr. Anker Tests
At Obama M.S.

Reading w/ son
At Mama Mia Show
Mr. Anker, Age 6

Jr. Paleontologist

Pyramid at CSULB
Mr. Anker Sr. and Jr.
First 2 Wheel Ride

Long Beach w/ son

Mr. Anker Jr. and Sr.
Best Man w/ Family
BF James in H.S.
Mr. Anker-Mr. Rogers

Election 2020
Moses got Married!
Biker & Golfer
Dad, Steven & Chef