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Use these tutorial activities to help you begin to learn how to play chess.

Teachers & Parents: It is recommended that students complete and master each activity before moving on to the next.

Chess Help
Beginner's Guide

Learn the fundamentals of chess.

Chess Moves
Tutorial 1

Learn the names of the pieces and their basic movement.

Chess Moves
Tutorial 2

Review pieces and indicate where a piece can move on a given turn.

Chess Moves
Tutorial 3

Identify a piece's location and where a piece can move using Algebraic Chess Notation.

Here are some good YouTube Videos that can help you to learn more about chess rules and strategies...

Chess Video 1
How To Play Chess
Learn the rules to the board game Chess

Chess Video 2
ChessKid: How to Play Chess
Chess Rules for Kids

Chess Video 3
How To Play Chess:
The Ultimate Beginner Guide

Chess Video 4
How To Play Chess
Animated Cartoon@Kids Academy