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Going from Grade 3 to 4
Set 1
Use these practice activities to help you stay sharp in your skills
and get ready to lead in your grade next school year!

Geometry Set 1
Identify square, rectangle, triangle, circle, hexagon, octagon, cube, cylinder
ClockWork Set 5
Tell time to 5 minute intervals

Fractions Set 3
Fractions with clear illustrations, no simplification is used
(20 Questions)
Writing Decimals 10ths
Write decimal values with words and numbers to the tenths place

3 Reading Comprehension A
"The New Computer"
Read about a family that buys a new computer.

Seven Continents Set 1
Locate the seven continents

ASL Set 1
Learn the 26 letters of the American Sign Language Alphabet in multiple choice format
Print this page out to record your progress.