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Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

Let me wish all of you Happy New Year. Here is an update about this site:

This 'Mr. Anker Tests' website is undergoing a transition where the activities and presentations you've used before will be reproduced in Google Applications. This transition has begun, and should be completed by the end of February 2021.

Every effort will be made to convert all of the content that was previously created using Adobe Flash (now blocked by all web browsers), to Google's Suite of applications. The converted activities won't look much different, but they will now be accessible on all devices, in all browsers, including on ChromeBooks, phones, and tablets.

The site has also received security updates. Notice the padlock in the browser's address bar.

Teachers, tutors, and parents of homeschooled students will soon be able to copy these activities, largely into Google Forms (Quizzes) format freely, and send a link to the activity to students via email, or assign work to students via LMS systems like Google Classroom, Schoology, and others. Teachers can also garner the results of activities students complete.

Right now, teachers can assign activities that have been converted. The tiles toward the top are most likely ready. The ones below will be done soon.

Students should look for activities of interest on their own as well, and can check with their teachers, tutors, or parents to see if they can get credit for completing activities.

A special thanks to Steven Anker for helping convert old content to new, and David Anker for writing new activities about baking & cooking. Thanks, as well, to my good friend Theo Fukushima for helping secure this site with new SSL certificates.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. / Civil Rights presentation is now a Google Slide Presentation. So is the Farm Workers/Cesar Chavez/Dolores Huerta slideshow. Free free to make copy of them and modify them for you own use, and refer fellow teachers to them.

If you have any questions or comments about this process, please let me know at Thank you for your patience and the support you have given this site over many years. Again, please share this site with others who might find it valuable.


Henry Anker

Working Samples

Some of the below activities are working, among them are fractions, ASL, ClockWork, MLA Format, Money, Square Roots, ELA 'a' or 'an', Abbreviations, Roman Numerals, Chess Tutorials, some Number Sense, Reading Fluency, MLK/Civil Rights Pres

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