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Teachers, tutors, and parents of homeschooled students will soon be able to copy these activities, largely into Google Forms (Quizzes) format freely, and send a link to the activity to students via email, or assign work to students via LMS systems like Google Classroom, Schoology, and others. Teachers can also garner the results of activities students complete. Right now, the larger tiles are ready. The ones below will be done soon.

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Selected Working Samples

Mr. Anker Test Activities Organized by Category
Math (General, by Grade)
Math (Number Sense)
Math (Geometry)
Math (Time & Money)
Math (Fractions)
Math (Decimals)
Math (Integers)
Math (Algebra & Functions)
Math (Estimation)
Math (Add & Subtract)
Math (Multiplication)
Math (Division)
Reading Comprehension
Language Arts Skills
Spelling (10 words each)
Spelling (other)
Reading Fluency (Printable)
OCR Word Knowledge PPTs
Social Studies
Activities By Grade Level
Tests in Spanish
Other Tests

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